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not just gray, Ultimate Gray 17-5104

December 10, 2020

I look forward to Pantone’s color choice for the coming new year. This year I kinda forgot about it as this year has kinda made me want to forget a few things. Luckily my sister keeps me informed and she said this 2021 mashup reminds her of a hardboiled egg. Word. 


Five years ago, as you may recall, the last time Pantone tossed out two colors of the year I thought it was a bit of horseshit.

But today I can see six more months of gray and not just any old gray but the Ulitmate Fucking Gray 17-5104. And then it’s like we’re all clinging to the idea of some light at the end of this tunnel. We can’t see it yet. We're not even close.  But just the thought of it, the idea of it is Illuminating 13-0647  


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pilder said...

Happy New Year S. Neil

Posted December 10, 2020 05:58 AM | Reply to this comment

pilderzoomer said...


Posted December 10, 2020 11:42 AM | Reply to this comment

Judy Isaacson said...

I hope you see this. Some one of those paint companies picked very close to the teal I picked for the fireplace only--which or that has to be painted since some person painted over the brick just like my grandma used to do. Once again, I got the color of the year! Last one I picked was sort of tango/orange. OK, the painter is Elizabeth Sabin who used to have two bands in Seattle. First, Seymour. Second, Fliberty. Her guitar player was a bike messenger. Therefore, a message on paint.

Posted December 19, 2020 11:09 AM | Reply to this comment

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