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N30 + 21 = KN95

November 30, 2020



Sitting here in 2020 looking back to the WTO festivities of November 30, 1999 it was like a whiff of the future: a premonition.   It’s easy to say in hindsight or maybe that was just a whiff of tear gas. 


Happy Birthday Steve. It feels like your golden birthday was just the other day or maybe it was a lifetime ago. Sitting here in 2020 timelines are out the window. 


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Steve young said...

Thanks smokey, WTO in Seattle was just the appetizer for 2020. Either way, birthdays I won't soon forget. Cheers

Posted November 30, 2020 05:05 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

inexplicably moments of clarity come to me in the fog of what we we. sitting on a bar stool at 707 East Pine with a bloody mary while you were floating on the cloud of your golden birthday as it faded into Bluís actual 40th stepping down to the ground to step outside to take a photo of you two in those matching Pearl Izumi getups all skreened up while Clair was hurting like vodka in a water bottle on the phone to the hotel while Matt was headed back to recover the booty left behind on the bedside table in the cloud of your golden birthday. Fuckin A+

Posted December 1, 2020 09:54 PM | Reply to this comment

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