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vacation all I ever wanted and it stoned me

November 18, 2020

Outside the Center for Urban Horticulture I stood in the rain with a half inch of standing water contained in each shoe. Rain dripping off the brim of my Double Darn cap and onto the bundle of mail I was about to deliver. I briefly contemplated the difference in footprints created by shoes that are merely wet on the surface and shoes that are filled with water. Taking a moment to consider the squishy sounds soaked Sambas make on the clean dry flooring of empty locked down buildings. Just then an actual human exited the building and said “man, even though it’s raining, you have the greatest job around” and I smiled beneath my wet disposable mask and said “right on” 


A couple hours later I took a picture because it'll last longer on the loading dock at MolES when the rain let up,  the sun came up and we were getting dry. Almost let a pickup truck nearly pass us by. 


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