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squeaky jockey pulley

October 28, 2020

lurking on the fringes

edging in on 

cool kid conversation

trying to talk the talk

falling             short 

doesn’t measure up

shut the fuck up

walk   the   walk 

order of operations

playing with parentheses 

the   p-lam   delamed 

razor sharp edge exposed

asymmetrical alliteration all

up   in   my   face 

what’s your excuse? 

nice try   fuck off

concentric circles 

nesting neatly

three squares

the arrows know

jockey pulley teeth

honed throwing star sharp

over miles and miles

ground down

road grime infused

greases and oils

flat blade screwdriver

backward crank rotation

peels off a blueberry sized 

gob of goo

roll between finger and thumb

before you chuck it

in the bucket 

with a satisfying thud



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pilder asser said...

your jockey pulley can't wear out if you don't have one just as your pants can't get wet if you're not wearing any.

Posted October 28, 2020 06:06 AM | Reply to this comment

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