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hacksaw fender struts in situ

August 31, 2020

Pigboy lives on.  Not just on that patch sewn on to my new hat. On bikes. On Ferdinand Street. On Hudson Street. On your street and on my street too. On bikes that kids learn to ride. On bikes that kids learn to fix and then teach other kids how to fix them too.  On bikes that no longer suit their owners so they get refurbished and get new homes. On bikes that stay out of the landfill and stay on the road. Pigboy was phased out and replaced by a logo for the twenty first century. But Pigboy rocks on.  Ride on. 

Hacksawing fender struts in situ in flip flops in the garage in the late August afternoon. I smile as I hear Alor’s voice telling me  “putting my front fender back on so early is like admitting defeat”


Here’s to Alor

Fuckin A+

Alor wouldn't put on a front fender ever. Even if it was physically possible. He might clip on a rear fender but only after weeks and weeks of heavy rain in the deepest darkest stretches of winter. 

Here’s to Alor and here’s to Pigboy and here’s to bikes and home cooked maintenance and repair. 

Four of my six bikes are from Bike Works. That’s 66.6%. Two of them have fenders and two don’t. Two of them are single speed. The other two feature 21 speeds and thumb shifters. One of them is hanging in a barn somewhere in Iowa and I hope to see it again someday. Junior Junior rides a Bike Works bike as does my old lady.  Junior is signed up for Earn-A-Bike classes whenever those come back. Junior and Junior Junior have been riding a little orange cargo bike as well but it’s about to be re-donated for another-other family to enjoy. All this could be explained easier with a Venn diagram. 

Bike Works kicks ass and not just because I used to work there. I volunteered there too back in the day when Pigboy opened up the yellow house on Ferdinand Street as The Free Ride Zone. 

Here’s to Bike Works and pulling through this global pandemic.



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pilder asser said...

Sitting in on a couple meetings in the early logo redesign process circa 2015Ö ...the designer showed up with the androgynous figure hoisting a carbon road bike and a shop employee suggested perhaps a steel frame with upright bars would be more appropriate for what we do here. Another person questioned if itís physically possible to hold a bicycle by the wheels in just that way and keep it over your head and that still makes me laugh when I take a second look at the logo. I gave away my new logo Bike Works t-shirt but Iím still rocking the shit out of my pigboy shirt.

Posted September 2, 2020 10:00 AM | Reply to this comment

tina replied to pilder asser...

i remember the design team during that meeting said that you had to put rocks between the brake pad and rim to make it possible - they also got frustrated with all of our REALLY specific comments about fork rake and bike aesthetic those jokers! thanks pilder for bringing the history, the light, and even the heat to this topic and this place. love reading your words and the full circle of messengering to working at bike works - keeping the legacy alive. pigboy is dead, long live pigboy!

Posted September 11, 2020 04:12 PM | Reply to this comment

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