what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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surge space

July 10, 2020


hairless cats 

need sweaters 

in July 

in Seattle

built in 

handi cap

tacked on

piggy back

throw back 

that is

clock work 

as if 

you have 

control over 

one aspect

dust spec 

on surface 

of universe 

psychosomatically suggested 

to me

surreptitiously by 

a humongous

pharmaceutical company 

you know 

the deal 

it puts 

the lotion

sneeze glass

face covering

covering face

flatten curve

stay strong

six feet

apart together

horse shit

surge space

urine soaked 

loading dock

condon hall

eye sore

poured concrete

brutalist architecture

state penitentiary

would be 

more welcoming

fuck millipede 

this isn’t

even my

final form 


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