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disconnecting the dots

May 25, 2020

When I heard Steve was in the 98144 working for a bit I asked him to head down our way like Skyway to have a beer or seven and that he did. Proximity leads to assumptions as your brain makes connections that it thinks make sense. Like you thinking of Steve rolling on 27” wheels with a six-speed freewheel and a triple up front? And grip shift? Are you fucking kidding me? But then you catch yourself and think maybe that’s not his bike because if you know Steve you know his bike. 



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pilder said...

punchy punchy?

Posted May 26, 2020 08:39 PM | Reply to this comment

Robbie Boscoe said...

Bikey bikey

Posted May 26, 2020 09:40 PM | Reply to this comment

Case said...

Crashy crashy.

Posted June 3, 2020 10:10 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

ouchy ouchy

Posted June 4, 2020 05:29 AM | Reply to this comment

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