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Benotto you didn't

April 21, 2020

Those in the know know I cannot say Benotto without thinking of C. Forest Hoag. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. The bike pictured here has way  more than just a strong Forest influence. But that’s another story for another time. 


A friend dropped off her bike for a little help getting it back into rideable condition along with the idea of moving away from road racing and more toward road-trail-path-sidewalk riding with her chin up so she can relax and look around and enjoy the ride. Five or six years ago I worked on this Benotto just briefly with only a few minor tweaks and some air in the tires. But now she’s ready to ditch the drop bars and spd pedals not to mention the rusty chain and moldy DANK toptube pad.  


This is the “before” photo and some day soonish you can compare it to the “after” 



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bret in abq said...

"Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law." -John Morley

Posted April 21, 2020 08:17 AM | Reply to this comment

Case said...

That. Chain.

Posted April 24, 2020 09:12 AM | Reply to this comment

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