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locknut lip clearance

March 29, 2020

When all you have is a 32mm headset wrench

everything looks like a 1” threaded headset 



when all you have is a crown race removal tool

you find new ways to open a beer bottle 

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07 mark said...

33 John used to joke that 28 Nate shouldn't be allowed to use a headset press because he'd mushroom the shit out of the headtube. If tight is good then overtight must be better kind of thing. Gorilla tight. Nate kept a fleet of cars running but John was not confident in his bike mechanic skills.

Posted March 31, 2020 05:47 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

https://www.parktool.com/parts?query=CRP-1 that there is one of the best $300 bottle openers you can buy. there were a couple of these tools at Bike Works and the jaws or blades (see diagram replacement part #9) would get trashed surprisingly fast as this tool got used by a variety of mechanics and occasional volunteers who occupied various spots along the bike mechanic spectrum of experience and giveashits

Posted March 31, 2020 05:53 AM | Reply to this comment

bret in abq said...

electrical insulated screwdrivers for bicycle repair? 220-221 whatever it takes. maybe there for e-bikes.

Posted April 1, 2020 05:25 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to bret in abq...

kinda like Fletch said, "I'm gonna need some pliers and a set a 30 weight ball bearings"

Posted April 1, 2020 05:38 AM | Reply to this comment

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