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March 9, 2020

I know someone that knows Bevin Keely and I texted this photo to their significant other the other day. I guess I can say I know Bevin or I did back  when she placed this full page ad in kickstand #6. Bevin had a soft spot for messengers because she once was one of them. She also had an appreciation for zines and created her very own which  focused on Mike Nipper, the long-time receptionist at The Stranger. Please take a moment and acknowledge those advertised special messenger rates circa 1999. I wasn’t ready for Rolfing 21 years ago and I’m not sure I am these days but it’s something to think about. 



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pilder said...

sent this photo to Bevin today. She got a good laugh at how cheap her rates were 1999ish.

Posted March 10, 2020 02:58 PM | Reply to this comment

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