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solar powered flowers

February 25, 2020

pink plastic pots of solar powered flowers

waving to me metronomically 

like animated selfie emojis 


everything that’s wrong in the world 

boiled down      reduced 

reproduced in an emoji 


Mark Arm said  you got it

Yeah,  you got it       so what?

Keep it outta my face  


I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. I once rode the train behind a woman who was staring at her phone the entire ride. Which is pretty normal I guess. But when I caught glimpses of the device I realized she was staring at herself through the lens of her phone. Poking at her hair and pooching her lips and who knows what else. For the entire train ride. 


For me this is the most annoying commuter behavior. Taking over the top spot from clipping-your-fingernails on the train. 


Good morning. How are you? How was your weekend? How about this weather? Hey can I borrow those fingernail clippers when you’re done? 



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