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i'm not your jimmy john

December 24, 2019

There will be no dress rehearsal

There will be no stunt double


There will be no Bucky’s training day

There will be no dry run


There will be no phone-a-friend

There will be no back up plan


There will be no practice test

There will be no grace period


There will be no second chances

There will be no window of opportunity


There will be a complimentary continental breakfast

Served in the lobby for building tenants only


Up this high at twice the price it’s easy to see

Suckers buying one to get one free


There truth is out there

Or maybe it’s in here


Reading the low point on the meniscus

Between two peaks             a valley


After the locals leave

Before the tourists show up

There’s a lull   a pause    a hiatus

That’s the place   that is the place    I want to be 


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