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September 27, 2019


perception is reality

or so the story goes

the parable the myth the legend

in your own mind


acid trip

black out dates

unlimited nights & weekends

what day is it? 


we now join 

your daily routine


in progress


fixed gear conversion virgin’s whack track stand

toe straps too tight

attention      to all the wrong details 

don’t fuck with the limit screws dude 


the pendulum 

has to swing too far


it can return 


tennis balls on the back legs of the walker 

scuffing down the hall out the door down the street

to the glycogen stores

completely depleted       Sold Out 


a slight variation in the routine 


radiates ripples across the continuum

concentric circles at regular intervals 

continuing from the center from the source

that seemed like a good idea at the time 


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