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final fifty feet

August 12, 2019

Lately I’ve been thinking about the final 50 feet and this photo that Craig Etheridge took ten years ago gets the message across. 


An autonomous vehicle could find 1201 3rd but it couldn’t get the documents up to Perkins Coie. A drone could find 1001 4th but it couldn’t bring those four boxes up to the 21st floor and stack them behind the paralegal’s desk. The on-trac robot won't catch the typo and will be circling the block near 2nd Ave West when it should be going to 2nd Ave South. 


Lots of logistics experts and transportation planners sit around conference room tables and talk about streamlining delivery, improving loading docks and traffic flow in dense urban areas.  But they still need a messenger to take that theoretical shit the final fifty feet. I can assure you there were no experienced messengers sitting in on any of those meetings.


I think it would be tough to find a messenger that could stomach one of these meetings and there's a $15,000 buy-in for a seat at the table


Most experts agree that the final piece of the puzzle will not be automated for many years. 


the final fifty fucking feet

the final fucking fifty feet

the fucking final fifty feet


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