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human subjects division

May 31, 2019

first things first

Jumbo baked potato

Just say no

Mutually assured destruction

Supply side economics

Trickle down theory

Trust but verify

Actor turned politician

Win win situation

Head set press

Crown race installer

Fingernail polish remover

Essential wine aerator

Crusty old messenger

Highly trained professional

Used car salesman

Child support payment

Dead beat dad

King County Superior

Law school aptitude

Old boy network

adjunct professor emeritus

in title only

Fish head soup

Tastes like chicken

Finger lickin good

Inter office memo

Extra marital affair

High school cheerleader

Naked boot leg

Left handed pitcher

Bare foot kicker

Kick return specialist

Special needs child

Plays mean pinball

New and improved

Bottle cage bolt

Video cassette recorder

Original unsigned order

Down hill coast

Talk show host

Irritable bowel syndrome

Food borne illness

Rocket propelled grenade

Night vision goggles

Post traumatic stress

Stand up base

Firm hand shake

One trick pony

Two by four

Turtle neck sweater

Lower back tattoo

Non fat decaf

Loose ball bearing

Fork or chopstick

Paper in plastic

Stone temple pilot

Full suspension disbelief

Fresh ground pepper

Breast reduction surgery

Long haul trucker

Catholic school girl

White tail deer

Ice cold beer

Other brother Daryl

Most wonderful time

Man made fiber

Open ended question

Rush hour traffic

Dexter avenue chuffer

Monday night football

rent   a cop

Dawns early light

Refined white sugar

Over stuffed chair

Stove top stuffing

Limited liability corporation

Chief executive officer

As registered agent

Tough as nails

Diamonds are forever

Nothing lasts forever

One hit wonder

Birds eye view

Old growth forest

Off shore drilling

Off street parking

Ground level retail

Just this once

Pro hac vice

Easter egg hunt

Back door pass

Shatter proof glass

shot gun wedding

Short attention span

Ground rule double

Power play goal

Personal space invader

Hand tooled leather

Back in black

On the fly

In loco parentis

Minor in possession

Open container citation

Full frontal nudity

Standing room only

Snow capped mountain

High blood pressure

Itchy trigger finger

Quality of life


this is a little list I made 2009ish as there wasn't much bike messenger work so I was always scribbling in a notebook...

...ten years later I'm delivering shit rolling around on an electric assist bathtub and the list continues. It never ends. I just get another notebook.  


human subjects division

walking the walk

talking the talk

key card access

Roosevelt Commons East

brush your teeth

national public radio

school social work

in the alley

trash strewn everywhere

office of admissions

cheap chinese shit

suspended operations makeup

speak the lingo

on the downlow

on the flipside

on the spectrum

attention deficit dyslexia

music auto sprinkler

tower mail room

honey bucket suck

take your pick

nonessential government worker

boy on phone

half your age

water front activities

intercollegiate athletics department

Portage Bay Building

under graduate library

post doctoral research

college built environments

physics astronomy building

Mark McDermott Plaza

proof of delivery

unauthorized personal mail

chemical engineering bro

Board of Regents

cost benefit analysis

risk management consultant

return on investment

shipping and receiving

Doug's coffee shop

your own cup

Husky Card Office

housing food services

applied physics lab

Life Sciences Building

Burke Gilman trail

left turn signal

full kitted roadie

on your left

what the fuck

Kirsten Wind Tunnel

Paul Allen Center

Bill Melinda Gates

Magnuson Park Brewery

North Lake Tavern

north bound train

behind yellow line

union coffee break

like fucking clockwork

trained monkey see

electric assist bathtub

fully full throttle

front wheel drive

fast as fuck

Jimmy John fast

sick skid bro

slow down joe

less is more

one breakfast burrito

road less traveled

hypotenuse through park

washed up messenger

out of retirement

rose colored glasses

Jonny Sundt's Axleys

big time laddie

Big Time Brewery

and so on





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