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April 4, 2019

today I read this little ditty I wrote 20 years ago and what sticks with me now is how much has continued to stick with me like reaching into my tool belt for the same old worn out tools mumbling those same phrases to myself 20 years later like that crazy lady at the bus stop I'm still juggling the petty details of everyday life just as I was in 1999 making good time but not making much progress on the personal road to inner peace


today before I set out for work I said to myself I'd like to get myself a Free Range Cycles T-shirt and I'm not going to buy it on Amazon I'm going to buy it from Free Range Cycles a truly local bike shop and then I thought maybe I can bring them a souvenir of yesteryear like an issue of kickstand with a Free Range ad designed by Mitch in the late 90s.     In the archives I found a pristine copy of issue #8 so I notarized it and then I hand-delivered it via bicycle to the shop at 35th & Phinney and along the way I read the little ditty about bad coffee contained therein. 

Free Range doesn't have T-shirts but they will some day

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Alistair. said...

Nicely written piece Mark, I enjoyed that. Many years ago you mailed me a stack of Kickstands which I read and thoroughly enjoyed. They occupied a place on my bookshelf next to my complete set of Rivendell Readers, and complete set of Bicycle Quarterly's. Sadly, the Kickstand's, the RR's, and BQ's, were all reduced to ash in the Paradise wildfire back in November and scattered to the four winds all over Butte county.

Posted April 6, 2019 05:15 PM | Reply to this comment

Free Range Cycles said...

Your delivery was the best way to start that day. You'll be getting the alert for the t-shirts! Lovely to see you as always--keep super super super chargin it. -Shawna

Posted April 7, 2019 09:18 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to Alistair....

Alistair, the details help me just begin to start to sort of comprehend the idea of losing everything in a fire. it puts my hoarding tendencies into perspective and

Posted April 10, 2019 03:02 PM | Reply to this comment

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