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workings for the weekends

March 4, 2019

two colloquia walk into a bar

the bartender says, Are you fucking kidding me? 

the first colloquium says, I'm a frayed knot 

the second colloquium says, Why the long face? 


how was your weekend?

what'd you do this weekend?

got big plans for next weekend? 


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pilder said...

grew up in a Safeway household. But there was an Albertsons across the boulevard. I guess it's kinda brand loyalty like Ford vs Chevy

Posted March 4, 2019 08:51 AM | Reply to this comment

. said...

My name under my Safeway brand loyalty card-totally random reason or a corporate fuck up- is Tyler Nakashima. Always fun at checkout. Thank you mr.....nakashima?

Posted March 5, 2019 10:24 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...


Posted March 8, 2019 05:50 AM | Reply to this comment

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