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keep a wet edge

January 30, 2019

This Sunday past I stopped by the Bike Works warehouse sale for about 4 minutes and saw some people I used to know (see photo bro) I also looked over the piles of tires frames forks stems bars levers pedals jerseys and complete bikes and took a deep breath and smiled happy that I only had to spend 4 minutes glancing at them and not relocate them 157 times and then try to sell them or recycle them or re-donate them or find more storage space for them. I have a deep appreciation for those folks that do.


And about 12 hours earlier I had a dream I was starting a new job soon in a bike shop owned and operated by Rob Kittelson (see photo below bro) it was a TMJ-inducing bad bike shop dream. On the bright side my new coworkers would be cool and there was this naive sort of enthusiasm and optimism that comes with the opening of a new bike shop a glimmer of hope that “this one will be different, this one will succeed, this one will bring something fresh” only to be crushed by the bottom line that is reality and the fact that it will most likely be out of business within 18 months.   

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