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double triple Double Darn

January 8, 2019

yesterday I received my newest Double Darn cap.

the Hunter style in a classic understated grey wool perfect for January in Seattle under my helmet each and every day all day long and simply cool enough to wear around town without a helmet as in without a bike as in I'm not trying to always look like a chuffer commuter cascade member you know like a hose clamped milk crate douche bag expecting respect from a bungee corded pickle bucket Dexter Avenue warrior. 

these photos are years and years old but we also got new caps for the whole family including the pizza print the sushi and a 4-panel cap  in the most comfortable flannel ever. 

thanks Misia

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Case said...

She's the Pitkin of the litter.

Posted January 11, 2019 12:59 PM | Reply to this comment

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