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RAGBRAI & aporkalypse burritos

July 30, 2017

of the few photos I took on RAGBRAI 97% of them involve beer bloody marys coozies beer gardens gas station parking lots bars and beer. this is the "liquid century" on a beautiful golf course parked next to Team Bud



there were some bikes on RAGBRAI too and the Hardees aporkalypse burrito features ham, bacon and sausage as well as eggs and two kinds of cheese

I haven't seen so many pilderwasser t-shirts and jerseys in one place since 2009 westside invite

this big bull was in Postville. I learned a little about Postville in the New York Times years back and it then I got to ride through it a few days ago and it's not the average Iowa town and as a pass-through town they only had 6 kybos

on another beautiful golf course sleeping just off the fairway where a handy bush next to the tent is worth two birds

 I heard that more spd sandals are sold in Iowa than the other 49 states combined


 back on RAGBRAI after a 6 year hiatus like a born again virgin but not making all those rookie mistakes

every time I felt tired out there on the bike I thought of Jimbo pulling his daughter across Iowa and I felt a little better about dragging myself to the next town 

I gave this DANK coozie to Jimbo 10 years ago and a short time later someone hose-clamped it to the bus mirror to hold up a flag for a parade in Grinnell that flag broke off many years ago and this year I reclaimed the coozie and put it back to work      taken out of context and put back in

the largest greatest bike ride party in the world involves a lot of interstate travel support vehicles busses RVs cars trucks ATVs airline tickets school busses police cars ambulances fire trucks street sweepers kybo suction trucks traffic signs and a shit load of empty beer cans but there's nothing else like it in the world in spite of its environmental impact it's good for Iowa it's good for bike shops it's good for gas stations it's good for church basements and middle school marching bands it's the superbowl of bike rides it's the Tour de Everylittlething it's the ultimate middle age spring break it's fucking RAGBRAI.

thanks to Ben for picking me up at O'hare and thank you Bill for driving me back there nine days later. 

tilder sounds like pilder kinda close enough like they say when in Lansing put on some bug spray

got this jersey from Matt Case a few years ago and the goggles from Adam Smith about 17 years ago     can't seem to bring myself to wear them in Seattle but they did well in Iowa a place where many people take organized religion seriously so this jersey got some longer looks confused about the church of cheese and rice

the shotski

it's a study in dehydration sleep deprivation nutrition personal hygiene exposure and consumption swirled in a stew of Natty Light Busch Lite High Life Lite and whatever's on sale then toss in 15,000 cyclists and it's RAGBRAI 


thank you to Mr Chris Murray and Jimbo for making the pilderwasser collective into what it is what is has become and what it will be 

thank you Chris

thank you Jimbo 


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Chris Murray said...

Great Pictures and WORD S. Nice to see so many friends. You are welcome, It's the adventure. Cheers

Posted August 1, 2017 05:10 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to Chris Murray...

right on Chris, after another amazing adventure across Iowa I'm back home and have a renewed and much deeper appreciation for my family as well as toilets that flush. cheers

Posted August 1, 2017 08:52 AM | Reply to this comment

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