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16" wheel ditty : derelict tennis courts

April 24, 2017

this kid has been on a balance bike for years including this glorified balance bike until last weekend when she put the pedals back on and took off shredding alleys and derelict tennis courts at the edge of town deep in the 98118 and 98178. one set of courts has not seen tennis since Reagan was in the white house the other set still has nets up but sees mostly beer cans and fireworks and off-leash dogs and kids on bikes. at the Bike Summit in Oly last month where I got that fucking ditty bag I also got to see a presentation from a designer at Alta about the traffic garden in White Center that opened late last year on what used to be a set of tennis courts.

now all we need is $100,000 to transform the courts down in Rainier Beach  

Aerial footage from grand opening of new bicycle playground at Dick Thurnau Park,with Native American Blessing from King County Parks on Vimeo.

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