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ORANGE is the new Thursday

December 15, 2016

putting an idea out there in the universe

taking a wait & see approach


open to outcome

not attached to outcome


yeah right


a whole honey bucket full of unused potential

stewing in its own juices 


electric assist resistance

as long as possible as long as it takes


simple elegant efficiency turned to

complicated convoluted cable routing


bulky battery mount stressed out bottle cage bolts

between completely depleted and fully charged

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i like bikes said...

pilder. when I'm ready to buy a scooter I'll buy a scooter. clinging to the idea of a bike being a bike even if it's a big heavy bike with a big heavy pile of groceries I'd like to route myself accordingly. cannot do the kid grocery thing like a flatlander but I want to keep the CETMA clean and simple.

Posted December 15, 2016 09:20 PM | Reply to this comment

Bronco replied to i like bikes...

It's all in your mind. Keep it simple.

Posted December 15, 2016 11:38 PM | Reply to this comment

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