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give me a Salsa stem and some el diablos and I will change the world

October 16, 2016

I have refurbished over 1.6 Billion bicycles but I have never worked on a Zebra until the day before yesterday.  Reaching into the bag of tricks only to pull out a 26.4 GT seatpost black not silver and that gold Shimano 44t 130bcd chainring. The Salsa stem stripped from an old Lemond sat for about 12 hours before it found a new home on this bike and those big chunky Suntour thumbies all frictioned out on that 6-speed freewheel complete this keep-your-chin-up urban utility pretty cool cro moly steel steed made in Taiwan about 25 years ago now waiting for someone in the 52cm size range to walk in and roll out.  

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. said...

The salsa stem I picked up for my abrasive gems first father son bike build was the cherry to our root beer float. He doesn't even like root beer

Posted October 20, 2016 08:24 AM | Reply to this comment

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