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September 27, 2016

this photo from those guys down at DANK bags speaks on many levels as those in the know  know

this is just a hint a whiff  a wink a nod in that direction

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. said...

The first time I met Ali he spit his cigar in my face. Fact.

Posted September 28, 2016 09:21 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to ....

first time I saw him, I wasn't a messenger yet and he was riding a sweet road bike in cowboy boots on Capitol Hill with a wheel strapped on his bag and I thought "messengers are so cool"

Posted September 29, 2016 06:14 AM | Reply to this comment

. replied to pilder...

Word. Getting past 40 I begin to reflect and really appreciate those "so cool" moments forged in the vacuum of my own lack of knowledge where I freely let imagination, na´vetÚ and assumption be my guide.

Posted October 1, 2016 03:24 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to ....

lack of knowledge never seems to stop anyone. connect the dots. fill in the blanks. believe the hype. see it on facebook. swallow it whole. Let's Roll!

Posted October 1, 2016 06:08 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

remember the time you realized you were older than 25. ?? I mean 25 years old. I also mean two-five the guy in the Billy D Williams photo. I was 27 for 15 years.

Posted October 1, 2016 06:12 PM | Reply to this comment

. replied to pilder...

I did what they told me never to do: I forgot.

Posted October 2, 2016 01:04 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to ....

controlled demolition brought down the Kingdome and a few other buildings too

Posted October 6, 2016 09:13 PM | Reply to this comment

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