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purple sparkle barbie bike brake housing

September 10, 2016

True Temper Cro-Moly hand made in the USA. it just feels better. it doesn't suck. steel gives off negative ions and has a different magnetic field around it or something like that. refurbished this little ditty the other day and when I say refurbished I mean I replaced every thing   every   single   little   fucking   thing on it except the seat post quick release. you may have noticed the cock-eyed brake pads in the photo and that's because I didn't replace them yet when the picture took and that cigarette butt was not staged it's actually on the ground lending a little old school authenticity to rapidly changing Columbia City. the opportunity to use some purple sparkle barbie-bike brake housing does not present itself very often and there is not a lot of orange compressionless housing sitting around either but this bike asked for it and Mike coughed up those sweet Dia Comp levers from his secret stash.  yes.

this 16.5" Trek 850 is only $369 at a little shop on Ferdinand Street

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builder said...

this bike is STILL for sale in the shop

Posted October 23, 2016 09:47 PM | Reply to this comment

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