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Abbot Kinney Blvd

August 3, 2016

the other day the month before the month before this I went to Venice Beach and wandered around aimlessly intentionally walking down Abbot Kinney the hippest street in the USA and all  I remember is some pretty good coffee in a shop selling $180 sunglasses as well as visiting briefly the Linus bike shop and passing by the Rapha shop that I could not even think about getting close to but closer to the actual Venice Beach I ran into this guy and that guy keeping in mind that these photos below are 4 -9 years old they are here to get the point across. there were no tweets no instagram or facebook live or snapchat but I learned that there actually is a lot of snapchat and google there as in there goes the neighborhood. real estate. abbot kinney. dog town. cycles. cyclical.  canals. 

this guy has somehow figured out the quality of life issues in LA since he left Seattle

that guy has gotten things dialed-in in LA as well  


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