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phantom nostalgia syndrome XXIX

June 30, 2016

Photo 1

sitting on a park bench the day before today eating lunch from the musette Jonny Sundt gave me some years ago filled with Axley product because his new team could not be seen wearing that stuff I was thinking this has been my brown bag lunch sack my bag within my bag for the past 600 sack lunches or so so I sent El Gato a text message and then I thought maybe actually I sent some brogrammer new to Seattle a text message because he has the phone number Mr Sundt used to have because it’s been awhile either way any way I then learned that Dodge sponsored the Tour de Georgia in 2003 2004 2005 and it was a big deal big time UCI race here in the USofA won by guys like Chris Horner and Tom Danielson a guy named Floyd and a guy named Lance warming up for a little race in France and this little lunch sack is an artifact to the fact that El Gato was out there with the big guns bunny hopping traffic circles and doing bike handling things that come naturally to bike messengers from Okanogan County but may not come naturally to thoroughbred bike racers then I finished my lunch and went back to work no response from El Gato or from the brogrammer


Photo 2

not far from that same park bench "the Swisher Sweet Bunny laid another egg" like Wamsley said and they’re ubiquitous in this zipcode they grow on trees which reminds me of the time in highschool the first time I really really got housed was at a house party drinking Rainier tall boys and smoking Swisher Sweets ---  I hurled and there has not been a need to touch Swisher Sweets again but Rainier Tall boys have been a recurring theme


Photo 3

9 hours later on the eve of another July a good time to get a little taste a whiff of RAGBRAI with a couple honey buckets in the background standing by I ran into this guy...you may know him as the charismatic personality behind Bicycle Benefits or maybe you know him because he’s pretty hard to forget I last saw him at that black turtleneck exposed brick wood floor small snack red wine Ultimate Urban Utility bike art gallery bike show thing two years ago and eight or so RAGBRAIs ago I saw him in Iowa handing out pickle rolls drinking pickle juice juiced up beyond belief


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