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bike of the week - 1988

March 27, 2016

this Panasonic mountain bike is a text book example of a Panasonic Individual Choice System (PICS) bike that back in 1988 (senior year Garvey High) could be ordered at your local bike shop and delivered to you with the paint job of your choice. Almost everything I've learned about PICS bikes came from this site so there's no need for me to plagiarize or poach or play it off blow hard like I actually knew anything about them before two days ago when this bike came out the of the donation dumpster. 

I believe there is a time and a place for an after market Switch Blade fork and this may not be the time or the place but that's a personal choice. 

when sorting through thousands and thousands and thousands of bikes once in a while one of them stands out in the crowd and deserves a closer look


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it's like butter said...


Posted March 27, 2016 06:25 AM | Reply to this comment

reverend dick said...

That is the time and place. So rad.

Posted March 29, 2016 09:17 AM | Reply to this comment

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