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could be a 'you' in Showers Pass

November 8, 2015


there’s still no I in Showers Pass but there could be a you someday.


Showers Pass is from PDX and they know what’s up when it’s coming down and it tends to come down a lot here in Cascadia during the winter as we’re the yin to the rain shadow’s yang.  this could be a full-on product review if I actually wore the jacket on my bike for a month day in day out but all I did was try it on and stuff it back in its original packaging.


please note it’s a Large but it’s got a “full fit”  it’s big enough to wear a bunch of bulky layers underneath as if bike commuters dress like sedentary parking lot attendants. it feels much more like an XL in my experience. bike clothing manufacturers make up their own rules. a Large Castelli jacket would fit me like a tight medium.  If you think this jacket could be for you please see the sizing chart for the full explanation of sizes and styles and fits before you buy one of these.


if I could do it all again I’d get a medium and wear the shit out of it and then I could give you full-on Kevin’s mom product review. but from what I’ve seen I give it two thumbs up for casual strolls and short commutes and everyday rainy day jacket wear that doesn’t scream “I’m a Dexter Avenue Warrior hear me roar! Look at me I’m a fucking bike commuter!” when you just want to buy a six pack or go to the dentist or get on with your life black is the new black and the 3M reflective details help a little bit on dark rainy nights with your conspicuity.

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