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October 19, 2015

variations on the theme

lefty loosey

right turn Clyde

removers / installers  &&&

get a grip



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more than once people have said...

got this old bike at a yard sale but I couldn't get the fucking freewheel off so I asked around and ended up buying this special tool. Used it once then scrapped the whole goddamn project and donated all of it to a small nonprofit community bike shop in a trader joes bag zip tied to the handlebars.

Posted October 19, 2015 09:56 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

in the 90s Ellen Forney had a remover/installer illustration on a poster and in Stranger ads and allover Capitol Hill. It occurs to me this is now just a well organized sweet drawer full of remover/installers. When I track down that poster I'll show it to you.

Posted October 19, 2015 09:58 AM | Reply to this comment

Bronco replied to more than once people have...

That sounds a lot like my first messenger bike. Thought it was a dream until I found out all the 700c tires I bought wouldn't fit on the damn 27" wheels.

Posted October 19, 2015 05:26 PM | Reply to this comment

R. Boscoe replied to Bronco...

Did you try to build up your bike around that problem? Like buy some 700c wheels and then realize your brakes were all geeked, try to fix that by getting some long arm levers to reach the rim?

Posted October 19, 2015 05:31 PM | Reply to this comment

Bronco replied to R. Boscoe...

I did. But first I had some sweet new hubs built up around those rims, then found out I couldn't transfer my corncob freewheel onto the freehub. Hahaha, fool me once!

Posted October 19, 2015 05:51 PM | Reply to this comment

R. Boscoe said...

Hopefully you went to the qbp catalog™ and ordered some tools that wouldn't help you out if you were 5 miles up a shits creek with no paddles to fix it.

Posted October 19, 2015 10:26 PM | Reply to this comment

Bronco replied to R. Boscoe...

How'd you know?! Once I got the wheels kinda working, I discovered everything was french threaded! Agaw!! Fooled me twice

Posted October 19, 2015 10:34 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to Bronco...

it's kinda fun when you're ready for it or have some vision of the chain of events that are about to unfold when you tip that first domino. but it kinda sucks when you poke a crooked stick into a hornet's nest of you-can't-get-there-from-here shit balls or jump down the rabbit hole of incompatibility spending 17 hours and some special hardware on a bike that's worth 20 bucks. motobecane is french for "don't bother" and peugeot means "are you fucking kidding me" ask me about drilling out for recessed brake bolts on the new long reach dual pivots to compensate for the 27 to 700 conversion or the 3-way shell game of BB spindles, cranks and front derailleurs.

Posted October 19, 2015 11:04 PM | Reply to this comment

. said...

In choreography, as I was taught, the choreographer is looking for repetition of theme with variation. That said my uncle has a frame he gave to me but now wants to trade it for another because the bottom bracket is French threaded and 45 years later its a pain in the ass to work around.

Posted October 20, 2015 01:08 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to ....

every which way but loose. I'm not sure Ellen Forney did those remover/installers but I really like her art and I really liked those posters and it's all blended together into one big memory smoothy. repetition of theme with variation is the story of my life in less than 12 chapters.

Posted October 20, 2015 01:25 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to pilder...

the remover installer was a Shawn Wolfe product with nothing to do with Ellen Forney and probably wasn't even in the 90s. one big memory blur of the past. ---http://beachpackagingdesign.com/boxvox/removerinstaller

Posted October 23, 2015 07:59 AM | Reply to this comment

steve y. said...

Those remover installer things look like fun. I'll take two.

Posted October 23, 2015 02:01 PM | Reply to this comment

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