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you can go your own way

October 10, 2015


taking the same route to work most days happens not because i enjoy routine but because it frees up space in my mind for other things.


taking a systematic approach to refurbishing a bike allows you to drop it and pick it up at any point along the way and know exactly what’s done and what more needs to be completed.when getting interrupted seventeen times an hour by customers you can dive back in and know where you are at a glance.


taking over a bike project started by someone else often means starting over from square one and undoing some of what they’ve done.  i’ve learned from getting burned because if the bike was at step H I J and into K i used to assume that the previous steps like A B and C were taken care of because a fatal flaw at step A or B would scrap the whole project. i don’t assume anything anymore.


taking repetitive routine consistent systematic approaches is not appealing in itself but it frees up some bandwidth for more interesting thoughts and creativity to dance around a solid base line


i’m not a Jim Harbaugh fan but i can appreciate reaching into a closet full of pleated khaki pants and putting on a pair every morning without giving it any thought.


my closet is full on cutoff Dickies. day in day out.


i’m not into horses but Hobson got it right.


you can have any t-shirt you want as long as it’s black and at pilderwasser espresso you can order any foo foo nonfat decaf extra foam horseshit drink you want but you’ll get a cup of strong black coffee just like everyone else.


take it or leave it

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Buttercup said...

10-10 Day, AKA International Hangover Appreciation Day. I like seeing a bike in my stand with a Bikeworks sticker on it. If there is nothing wrong with it, I like to imagine it is because you built it, and steps A-Z were covered. If not, I like to blame some CHUFFER you work with who I do not know personally, and I imagine they make your life harder every day, like a rookie downtown who locks up next to your bike and locks your cable housing to their lock on accident...

Posted October 11, 2015 01:41 PM | Reply to this comment

spoiler alert said...

that was me

Posted October 11, 2015 01:41 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder replied to spoiler alert...

what if I just released the mtb brake cable from the brake lever on my flat bar and slapped it back in and went on with my day? or maybe what if I wrote an article for the Stranger about it and tried to tie in some horseshit about how Capitol Hill has changed so much in the six weeks since I moved here and when they rejected it seattlebikeblog picked up the whole story second hand and in the mean time I wasted 2 days whining.

Posted October 13, 2015 09:57 PM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

that sweet 49cm Miyata 512 in the stand sold in less than 2 hours with 6-speed thumbies on a riser bar and that super duper saddle.

Posted October 13, 2015 10:00 PM | Reply to this comment

Judy Isaacson said...

I'll take it.

Posted October 16, 2015 04:55 PM | Reply to this comment

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