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broom wagon

August 19, 2015

the broom wagon has nothing to do with anything except everything not just that I ride past it twice a day coming and going with occasional test ride jaunts keeping in mind I’ve watched Triplets of Belleville 10001 times and counting keeping it fresh in my mind this is the coolest broom wagon ever if ever I needed a broom wagon for a certain function I would borrow this one that lives in Columbia City the Columbia City that is just another Seattle neighborhood in transition with gigantic apartments featuring street level retail and white hot real estate inflated by the influx of 43000 Amazon employees as mentioned in recent New York Times article taking a peek at the workplace culture which I think is amusing curious comical interesting but what I really feel hitting home is the ripples radiating from that workplace bullshit and the studio apartments that now rent for 4 times what they did when I lived in them or how these recent 26 year old transplants behave when they’re not at work how they drive on the streets how they walk on sidewalks how they wait in line in grocery stores order dinner in restaurants and how they tip the bartender.  are they good neighbors? in their townhouses stacked upon single family homes in established single family neighborhoods or something like that


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Alistair said...

I gotta say, I find the whole Amazon dynamic in this city quite interesting, and that NYT piece in particular was quite fascinating, in an "I can't look away from that train wreck" sort of way. No idea what it all means in the long term. I'm paying attention to it though.

Posted August 20, 2015 12:33 PM | Reply to this comment

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