what was that? is that all there is? who is this? this is it.

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Replying to Alistair, who said...

So, in the custom bicycle framebuilding world the term "looks like a monkey humping a football" is sometimes applied to how some cyclists look when they are not fit well to their machine. This bike manages to make manifest that aphorism, so kudos to the Cardigo designers for that achievement. 10 out of 10. Put that in your "Shark Tank" and smoke it. Also, the narrator of this video sounds like a guy who came up with this idea whilst hanging out on the Playa at Burning Man with 3 or 4 other "biker" friends. After five dried grams of Psilocybin each, and the subsequent several hours of hallucinations and conversations with the Self Transforming Machine Elves, they knew what they had to do... Thusly, the Cardigo was born.

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