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2020 hindsight

December 31, 2019

uv resistant

December 30, 2019

dig if you will the picture of a picture in late December when a spot of sunlight makes it all the way to the basement through a doorway and down a narrow stairway onto the wall onto a castoff print of a mellow non-objective non-controversial non-confrontational composition seen in places like dentist offices that cater to older clientele a print framed in uv-resistant glass that hasn’t seen the sun for 30 years as it’s been reflecting the fluorescent light radiating from government issue fixtures in a basement office until now where it’s lined up to be set free as surplus property and that spot of sunlight is just a taste of what’s out there. 


is it raining?


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job opening opening

December 26, 2019

they're hiring at the education factory

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i'm not your jimmy john

December 24, 2019

There will be no dress rehearsal

There will be no stunt double


There will be no Bucky’s training day

There will be no dry run


There will be no phone-a-friend

There will be no back up plan


There will be no practice test

There will be no grace period


There will be no second chances

There will be no window of opportunity


There will be a complimentary continental breakfast

Served in the lobby for building tenants only


Up this high at twice the price it’s easy to see

Suckers buying one to get one free


There truth is out there

Or maybe it’s in here


Reading the low point on the meniscus

Between two peaks             a valley


After the locals leave

Before the tourists show up

There’s a lull   a pause    a hiatus

That’s the place   that is the place    I want to be 


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it's the most amazon prime of the year

December 23, 2019

it wouldn't be christmas without Toni Braxton's red turtleneck

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is it raining?

December 20, 2019

low pro neon camo bro

December 17, 2019


front seat on the short bus

low profile neon camouflage

delicate dainty double wide single serving

glass of box wine on ice

schlepping shabby chic

another issue of life quality

sweeping the dirt floor thoroughly

touristy Chihuly sincerely OMG

hands free bluetooth uncouth


antibacterial broccoli cheese potato

individually wrapped cherry tomato

non slip adhesive strip

nonfat decaf extra whip

dark chocolate  no fluffy trendy shit

business casual cutoffs

four wheel drive in theater

Volvo Valvoline Vaseline Vulva

nonstick chapstick dipstick chopstick

Jesus H Christ  popsicle stick

soft warm melted cheesy

it just got too easy

built-in handicap tacked on piggyback

self-inflicted equalizer

six of one  half dozen the other

shampoo effect preconceived notion

you know the deal     it puts the lotion

Blue Angel food cake under clawfoot tub

housed like Lee Majors like majorly housed

more before noon than most people do all day

adopting public space for personal use

step into my office


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quintessentialer pilderwasser december

December 14, 2019

the golden hammer

December 12, 2019

When all you have is a hammer

Everything looks like a nail


When all you have is a PhD in bioengineering

Everything looks like a pile of discarded styrofoam 


When all you have is an unachievable ideal

Everything looks like a letdown 


When all you have is a scooter

Everything looks like a sidewalk


When all you have is a cone wrench

Looks like your pedals can stay on for awhile 


When all you have is zip ties

Everything looks like it’s coming loose


When all you have is facebook friends

Everything looks fake as fuck   


When all you have is a mission statement 

Everything looks like mission creep


When all you have is a u-lock

Everything looks like a bike rack 


When all you have is longneck bottles

Everything looks like a bottle opener 


When all you have is a bottle opener

Everything looks like a screw top 


When all you have is Amazon

Everything looks a click away


When all you have is chicken 

Everything tastes like chicken


When all you have is Kenny G

Shut the fuck up 


When all you have is a cornfield

Everything looks like a urinal


When all you have is urinal mints

Everything smells like the mens room 


When all you have is the Mens Room

Everything sounds like 99.9 KISW


When all you have is student loan debt

Everything looks like a credit card


When all you have is Coors Light

Everything feels like a headache  

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traffic mitigation

December 9, 2019

not bike racks

traffic mitigation devices


i’m not grumpy

i’m underwhelmed


orange you glad

i didn’t say disappointed


it’s a joke

that’s not funny 


your anxiety 

gets to me


you wear me out  ***

you   wear  me   out


there is no reward 

for being efficient

there is no penalty 

for being a goldbricking fucktard


it all pays

the same


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built environments

December 5, 2019

taking a step back from practicality paused and took a photo of the loading dock surface at Gould Hall to get this artwork that exists in the layers of recycling compost garbage and architecture final project overspray

if I took a stroll around the art building I might see the remnants of some kid’s final project oversprayed on the sidewalk but for some reason it’s more-than-just-ok over at architecture and construction management too to get a little sloppy which is interesting not in a-participant-observer way just-an-observation way. I’d like to think those art students are learning some process in relation to a final product in the romantic context of art history while the construction management kids are cranking out final products in another more business-like mindset. I’m dumbfounded because in just 10 more steps they could get to the asphalt parking surface where their spray paint pet project wouldn’t matter much or if they couldn’t walk that far at least splay out a few copies of the Daily and save the loading dock surface for fermented compost concentrated coffee grounds and warm beer foaming out of all those spent Georgetown kegs that those architecture people really know how to drink. Does anyone notice this? Does anyone give a shit? Just another turn of the academic calendar on the eve of finals week.  


calendar pages


the picture is different

I feel the same


arbitrary goals

with the calendar change


the extended forecast 

looks alot like today


the picture is the same

I feel different



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blu bluish blue

December 5, 2019

I'm a bit out of touch but 39 let me know Pantone unleashed their 2020 color

Classic Blue  19-4052

please make a note of it

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status quo goes

December 4, 2019

up north there’s a place    where

status quo goes      and goes

routine turns to superstition

habit becomes addiction

traffic patterns clearly visible

they say it will be memorable

a calendar date to commemorate

an anniversary to celebrate   some day

a real rain will come

wash the shit off my messenger bag

playing with fire for a year and a half

finally getting burned

did you expect retrospect

to smooth things over

amplitude includes both highs and lows

there’s an ebb in my flow

the universe shifting slightly to the left

out of field goal range

showing punt formation 

fourth down       giving up 

throwing up    choke it down

swallow it whole

treating each symptom separately 

cannot possibly be holistic

realistically really


for real 


10 years later I expect retrospect to smooth things over 

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