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all the livelong day

October 31, 2019

Eight years ago today. You load 16 tons and what do you get?... another year older and so on and so on but not 87, he is ageless, timeless. He's been 32 years old for about 24 years and he still is. But that kid on the right is 8 years older and growing like a weed and today is the 8th anniversary of that Halloween in 2011. 

just as it would not be Christmas here without the photo of Wilson & the Sonics cheerleaders, it wouldn't be Halloween without this photo that says it all and has said it every year. year after year. day after day. all the livelong day. 

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all you can eat

October 29, 2019

At the corner of Burke-Gilman and 15th Ave NE there’s an all you can eat buffet of obliviousness open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday. Featuring 30,000 students staring at their phones punctuated by juiced up roadies mashing back to Kirkland as well as psycho commuters, casual Lime Bike chuffers and angry Jimmy Johns with seemingly something to prove to someone somewhere.  

Throw me down the stairs my hat


  1. The fog lifted
  2. Your eyes adjusted
  3. No one noticed
  4. All of the above 

There’s a card key that will grant you access to the exterior door. Once inside locate the lock box down the hall on the left and jiggle the key just right because it was cut during Reagan’s first term. Inside the lockbox you’ll find the key to the mailroom attached to a retractable leash. Unlock the mailroom and locate the light switch on the back wall and then unlock the second mail cabinet from the left. Inside the mail cabinet on the upper shelf clearly labeled “incoming mail” place the Fingerhut catalog and proceed to your next stop. Don’t forget your keys. 

If you don’t know what you’re talking about


  1. Talk louder
  2. Make something up
  3. Crack a joke
  4. Shut the fuck up  

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but it bears repeating, now

October 28, 2019

gas powered leaf blower

October 24, 2019

from where I'm sitting now

October 23, 2019

Step into my office…    ...actually it’s more like one of my breakrooms in and around the sprawling 700 acre campus. These days it’s not too crowded because the furniture is wet but that doesn’t matter if your ass is already soaked and you’re dressed properly. 

Same time different day.

One of those crows is my friend. He enjoys everything bagels with no cream cheese and or apple fritters. He doesn't drink coffee, he drinks rainwater that pools up on the handrails.  The other crow is in training and likes whatever the first one likes. 

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from where I used to sit

October 22, 2019

ask me about UNICO properties

buildings designed by Yamasaki

and controlled demolition

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weather conditions wardrobe decisions

October 21, 2019

it's not about Lawrence Taylor

it's about the number fifty six

those in the know    knew


what she said that is

she said that is what

is what she said that

what is that she said

is that what she said

that is what she said


that's what she said 



is it raining? 





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October 20, 2019

rode a bike past Counterbalance everyday last week. didn't stop to ask Peter about those tool pouches but I did see this guy outside the shop.  

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take the best leave the rest

October 17, 2019

is it possible that Peter still has cases of those cute little T2 tool pouches left over from CMWC Seattle 2003 (see Counterbalance at 4:41)

I've used mine a few times since 2003

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October 15, 2019

my internal clock 

runs fast   analog   hard wired

always on     bar time



that's about as close as I get to haiku

11.5 years later   same as it ever was 

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product placement brand recognition XXXVII

October 14, 2019

Lane Kagay photo

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no eyed deer

October 13, 2019

with all due respect to bull's head 1942   this is no-eyed deer 2019 (58" x 33"x 6"). the bike parts have been kicking around the garage for years and were displayed for a while in a dark corner with the horns sadly drooping down. The gold frame found at a yard sale has been on the wall for a couple years with nothing but dull blue paint within. But this weekend it all came together when the wall behind the frame got some fresh red paint and the no-eyed deer got a couple reflector brackets to secure its horns to the wall in their full and upright position. For the holidays I plan to ziptie on a little red blinky light to create the red nosed no eyed deer. Ask me about shopping days 'til Christmas. 

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at all times

October 10, 2019

ten nine?

October 9, 2019

congratufuckinglations to 39

happy birthday to 87

and finally in conclusion just a wee bit of appreciation to all the messengers allover the world

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come on Eileen

October 7, 2019


Just last week a driver from the government job said to me “I saw you riding down Brooklyn, looked like you’re just out for a Sunday ride. You guys don’t even break a sweat on those things do you”  


I thought shit I was coasting downhill toward an intersection, my bike was empty, my route was done, it’s fucking Friday afternoon what are you talking about?   But what I said was “I’m not a Jimmy John, I’m not in a hurry” and I had to stop myself from trying to explain anything more. It all pays the same and it might look like I’m riding slow but I’m actually the most efficient person in the room right now. 


To the untrained eye smooth efficient movement doesn’t register and nobody embodied smooth efficiency like Tim Mason did. Cutting graceful lines and arcs through the core making money or winning races. The epitome of smooth.   



Just the other week I was riding on the Burke Gilman at 7:11am toward the mothership when some guy yelled “your bag’s open” and I thought was that some joker I know joking? Was that guy just being a dick? Or did that guy think he was actually being helpful pointing out something I was not aware of?  In any case he was annoying. I’m a crusty commuter with an ortlieb backpack and I ride with it open all the time unless it’s really really raining. Is it raining? You’ve seen Jackie and Jason rolling with open ortliebs all over town. 


In 1998-99 I had an ortlieb backpack I wore to work as an hourly legal messenger but I had to take it off and put it on hundreds of times per day digging for documents and binder clips and affidavits and exhibits so I soon went back to a one strap bag and I sold it to another messenger after I wiped all the Keith-Haring-like-painted-design off that I put on because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  


In 2019 I roll an ortlieb because it was a free promotional item for all Bike Works employees in 2014 or something like that and it still works and I only have to take it off and put it on a few times a day. 



Just a couple hours ago I cut the lower third off the legs of a pristine pair of bib tights that I got at Bike Works NWT for $125 less than retail because they were a donation from a semilocal bike shop that went out of business. I’ve never been a big fan of bibshorts bibknickers or bibtights but the price was right and now they’re knickers. As the weather is getting cooler and layers start to layer up bib tights remind me of a story this messenger from Copenhagen told me. (the guy on the left)  One wicked cold winter day he was layered up in various spandex getups including bib tights and or knickers as well as multiple jerseys and jackets and he had to take a piss. He made it to the mens room but by the time he began to peel off all the necessary layers to get down to business, he pissed his pants. 


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bikes bike

October 6, 2019

MOTHERLOAD (Official Trailer #2) from Liz Canning on Vimeo.


We made it to the 4:00 show yesterday at Central Cinema.  The kids and I but we did not ride there in or on a cargo bike.  The film was pretty great. I like cargo bikes. I like bikes. The film brought me to tears a few times when it touched on parenthood themes. The changes that come along with hauling around a kid or two. The changes that come along when the single life on a bike changes, when the simple life ain't so simple… 


The production time of the project was long enough to show her kids growing up from two toddlers smooshed in the cargo bike to two preteens riding off on their own bikes. And that was pretty great to see. 


The film also made me smile and nod in agreement when it touched on the whole idea of sitting in cars and the insulation and isolation from the world and things around you. 


we didn't hang out for the panel discussion following the film because my kids were really ready to get the hell out of there.  we were the first ones in and the first ones out. 


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same old shit

October 4, 2019

a modern interpretation of traditional materials

same old shit

that’s what I said


that’s what she said 

if you meet Buddha on the road

humble thyself and so on


when you get caught 

between the moon and Carson City 

the light shines through 


the image is projected on the wall

it reads correctly

depending on your point of view 


turned around inverted

backwards backass flipped

hold it up to a mirror


upside down

for the record

off the record


flip the record

two sides of the same coin

at 1,000,000 coin flips 


heads/tails approaches 50/50

at 1,000,000 coin flips

my thumb is tired 





sent this to my sister and she sent me this


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