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older lions i see

September 27, 2018

i  see

older  lions 

on  the

street  and

wonder  if

they  have

a  wisdom

i  lack.

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September 24, 2018

ask me about work - life balance

ask me about people-magazine-parenting advice

ask me about tattoos across the tendons in the wrist

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social media horseshit

September 19, 2018

click here for chance to win a $25 starbucks gift card

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tooth fairy

September 13, 2018

eight years ago today I set down my nextel and walked away

but      ask me about teeth

incoming and outgoing 

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let's roll

September 11, 2018

three orange whips

September 10, 2018

When I was a kid my mom took us in a ‘71 Monte Carlo on a road trip to Seattle and then all the way up into British Columbia almost to Alaska and back down and around. Stopping along the way in various hotels and restaurants. I was fond of collecting sugar packets from one and depositing them in another. Taking them out of context and putting them back in     somewhere else down the road.


I’m still a big fan of repurposing things retrofitting or flipping it sideways and making an end table out of it. I like road signs in living rooms. I like collections of toaster ovens in surplus piles. I like to make artwork from hundreds of discarded bike computers. I really like free piles on the side of the road and I like to shop in thrift stores.


The other Saturday I saw this shirt hanging in a thrift store. It was already placed on the end of the rack which is the only reason I noticed it.


The only thing cooler than that is spotting a shirt that I made moving around on a complete stranger.

 milkshake photo



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September 6, 2018

President Emeritus of the Profile Design Cup Holder Club 

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ask me ask me ask me

September 5, 2018

ask me about my bottom bracket

ask me about my sweater vest

ask me about a 16" tire exploding in the garage when nobody is home to hear it and if it makes a sound


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