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keep a wet edge

January 30, 2019

This Sunday past I stopped by the Bike Works warehouse sale for about 4 minutes and saw some people I used to know (see photo bro) I also looked over the piles of tires frames forks stems bars levers pedals jerseys and complete bikes and took a deep breath and smiled happy that I only had to spend 4 minutes glancing at them and not relocate them 157 times and then try to sell them or recycle them or re-donate them or find more storage space for them. I have a deep appreciation for those folks that do.


And about 12 hours earlier I had a dream I was starting a new job soon in a bike shop owned and operated by Rob Kittelson (see photo below bro) it was a TMJ-inducing bad bike shop dream. On the bright side my new coworkers would be cool and there was this naive sort of enthusiasm and optimism that comes with the opening of a new bike shop a glimmer of hope that “this one will be different, this one will succeed, this one will bring something fresh” only to be crushed by the bottom line that is reality and the fact that it will most likely be out of business within 18 months.   

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Mo Fo stock photo bro

January 30, 2019

one of the guys down at DANK bags was taking an online quiz the other night to qualify for the Jeopardy Bike Messenger tournament when he stumbled upon this stock photo featuring the well known Perkins Coie attorney Molly Foster fka the well known bike messenger Molly Foster

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ask me about uniform spoke tension

January 29, 2019

what do you call a 36-spoke wheel that needs 29 spokes replaced?


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lather rinse repeat

January 26, 2019

same time different day 13 years later step into my office again and again and again repeating the process step by step by step 


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Bridgestone RB-1

January 24, 2019

fork in the road

January 23, 2019

double shot thursday

January 17, 2019

silly rabbit, triptychs are for kids

January 16, 2019

bike of the week

January 15, 2019

life is a series of choices that lead to other decision making scenarios that allow you in retrospect to ask "what the fuck was I thinking?"

this bike makes my wrists hurt visualizing the constant struggle to keep from sliding down the saddle


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step into my office

January 14, 2019

is it raining? vol. XXII

January 11, 2019

Sasha Peet photo bro circa 2006

standing on a street corner Wednesday   rain dripping off my helmet into my short americano with a thousand mile stare I couldn't help but think of 18 and a conversation I often had with him many times unspoken or boiled down to very few words the gist being "I'm getting too old for this shit" 


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no wheels

January 9, 2019

double triple Double Darn

January 8, 2019

yesterday I received my newest Double Darn cap.

the Hunter style in a classic understated grey wool perfect for January in Seattle under my helmet each and every day all day long and simply cool enough to wear around town without a helmet as in without a bike as in I'm not trying to always look like a chuffer commuter cascade member you know like a hose clamped milk crate douche bag expecting respect from a bungee corded pickle bucket Dexter Avenue warrior. 

these photos are years and years old but we also got new caps for the whole family including the pizza print the sushi and a 4-panel cap  in the most comfortable flannel ever. 

thanks Misia

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January 7, 2019

when I showed this to the guys down at DANK bags they agreed with my horseshit assessment and pointed out it's about 20 years too late

if anyone knows anything about coozies over the past 20 years it's those guys at DANK and as president of the profile design cup holders club I know a thing or two about making seamless transitions along the coffee-beer continuum with a few well placed botttle cage bolts.  

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you can't get there from here

January 4, 2019

or maybe you can

this is 87's bike. if you have questions he can answer them. 

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constant cost-benefit analysis

January 4, 2019

this site has been up for 712 weeks. ask a fucking millennial to convert that to years for you. it's 2019 and there are a lot of questions but Joe Biden is not the answer. sitting in a car the other day driving past 411 Fairview North...holy shit

 "How did I get here?" 

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proceed to the point of the turn

January 2, 2019

E dog compilation and photo 

mirror check


head check 

change lanes

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