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that's why I don't fuck with the big four-0

November 25, 2013

to all y’all --one person especially in particular-- born in the calendar year of 1973, Happy 40th Birthday in this calendar year 2013.

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sky lobby lady said...

Floor 40...to reach floors 37 through 55 please exit to the left...to reach floors 56 through 76 please exit to the right.

Posted November 25, 2013 07:54 AM | Reply to this comment

pilder said...

40 is the new 27 but it's so 4-years-ago

Posted November 25, 2013 07:56 AM | Reply to this comment

steve said...

thats my kinda broad

Posted November 25, 2013 08:20 AM | Reply to this comment

Al 25 said...

Appreciate it

Posted November 25, 2013 10:58 AM | Reply to this comment

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